Julian Pagard is Gulliano.
Born in 1985 in Luxembourg city.
Gulliano is an artist who specializes in urban art. Of Anglo-French origin and raised in Luxembourg, he sees life in a different light and expresses it by graffiti.
From the age of 9, he has drawn with great passion. Growing up, he discovered the Hip-Hop culture and graffiti. It was at the age of 14 that he first had a can of spray paint in his hand. Since then, he has never left the urban environment. Gulliano has also studied visual arts, which allowed him to become familiar with various materials and techniques, while keeping graffiti as a preference. A serious car accident in August 2014 reinforced his need to express himself through art and changed his perception of the world. This evolution is reflected in his drawings.
Gulliano works on his own creations but also excels in made-to-order drawing in any style.